Front End Posting

I am brand new to this platform so please forgive my ignorance.
I am trying to figure out the equivalent to what in the WP context is called “front end posting” - that is, a way the client can easily add an article, or blog post (a collection item) to the website from a front end form. Is it possible to:

  1. create role based user accounts for people to log into a website and have access to restricted menu items and features?
  2. if so, can logged in users with appropriate access use a form on the frontend that enables them to populates a collection (like a blog, an article, a resource etc)?


  1. You can create a membership website (and restrict access to pages) integrating/using a 3rd party tool like
  2. There is no built in way. Can be done with custom code - but you need access to the Collection API ( Agency Plan). I might be wrong so, I’ll let the SiteJet team to confirm.

If the driving purpose of Sitejet is client driven and seeks to give the end user some control over content on their site then I would expect there is someway to create content “collections” — blogs, video listings, articles, resources, etc — so that the end user can edit and add to this content. Perhaps I am just asking the question in the wrong way. I apologize, I am a WP site creator and I am evaluating how I would move away from WP to Sitejet.
So let’s assume there is a client who has real estate listings. We create a collector for the real estate listing information (photos, address, description etc) — now, what is the best way to give the client control over inputting and editing this data?

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Hi @Joe_Ramsay

once you have set up a collection in a website and invited your customer into the customer portal, your customer will see an Edit website button in the left navigation panel that lets him access the Simplified CMS. In there he or she will be able to access collections, add new items (like blog posts) or edit existing ones. You can just see it for yourself by “inviting yourself” as a customer and e.g. opening the invitation link in an incognito browser tab.

Also have a look at Sitejets user and role management. For example you can add a user and assign the role “Editor”, so he or she will only have access to websites assigned to him/her.

I hope that helps.