E-Mail already in use!

Hallo, ich habe einen Kunden, der zwei Seiten bei mir hat. Nun möchte ich in den Kundendaten natürlich die selbe Mail Adresse nutzen. Dies scheint aber nicht möglich zu sein. Welche Lösung bietet sich dafür an?

Hello, I have a customer who has two sites with me. Now I want to use the same mail address in the customer data of course. But this does not seem to be possible. What is the solution for this?



Hi @Ulf_Siemen

you can’t use the same login e-mail address for two websites as both have their own Customer Portal and the e-mail address is used to distinguish them. So you need two different login e-mail addresses in this case. But you can use the same e-mail address as “Contact email” or “Billing email” as these don’t have a constraint to be unique.


Luckywise the Customer doesn`t use the portal :slight_smile: So I can set the mail. Thanks you for your help and have a nice day.

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