cPanel | robots.txt, ADS.txt etc


As a cPanel user, it appears that there are some workarounds necessary to get the same results as with the full-fat SiteJet package. One of the more recent issues is the ability to upload txt files so that that get published automatically. Is this being addressed in an upcoming fix?

The help page on this is not entirely relevant to cPanel users since that Redirections option is not visible in the Menu.

I suspect this is a known shortcoming but i cannot find a roadmap for the product updates to verify.


Hi @popolou, that is correct, the Website Builder for cPanel does not offer all functionalities. Please contact the cPanel support and ask in which directory you have to insert the robots.txt or how it works. We are sorry that we cannot help you with this directly.

@Martin Thanks for your note.

I am unclear from this sentence where you are suggesting the fault is. Are you saying that the package does indeed provide this functionality but it is for cPanel to implement or is it that it is a shortcoming that will be fixed in a future update by yourselves?

Is there an exception that can be created or an option/flag whereby when publishing, certain files can be left untouched, similar to how htaccess is not affected by re-publishing the site?

Hi @popolou,

yes, we have different versions of the Sitejet Website Builder, the one for cPanel and Plesk don’t have every single feature compared to the Sitejet Studio Website Builder. Our help articles are written for Sitejet Studio and some differ from the Sitejet Website Builder for cPanel. You can reach out to cPanel and maybe they already have a fix for it or they can add a ticket to develop a solution.

As far as I know, you cannot create an exception or set an option/flag so that certain files are not published or remain untouched, but again, the cPanel support can best help you with this.

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maybe this article helps? Redirects | cPanel & WHM Documentation