cPanel | Canonical alternate links not contain my domain

I create site in Sitejet on CPanel
I can`t change canonical and alternate links to my domain on published site. They contain technical domain like instead

Hey @Andriy_Rodiuk

This might be the same issue as this here:

Please reach out to your provider or the cPanel support directly on this matter. And keep us on the loop here.

Yes it’s the same issue I’m having and cPanel support are no help with this.

Can someone please look into this and even add an option into Sitejet to edit/alter it?


Hey there @Bluediamondtransfers ,

from what I know there has been a global fix from cPanel on this matter. Please get in touch with their support to see if there needs to be done an update or re-publish.

Unfortunately, we have no access to their infrastructure ourselves to implement a solution from our side as requested.

Please keep us updated on the status of your inquiry.

I guess the same issue was described here - How to edit/update canonical URL?

Unfortunately, @Andre , your cpanel support team colleagues are not aware of what is by saying “Note that we do not have any insight regarding the third-party tool

In my case the issue with “ domain being present in production site meta tags” has now replaced with an issue that there are no domain name anymore at all. All full URLs got replaced with relative to site root URLs

Could you please assist in directing this to the right person, please ?

Hey there @alexshel - do you have a ticket number for me so I can forward this?

Hi @Andre , #95259120

Thank you

Hi @Andre , is there any progress on that ? I did not hear anything back from my host and the tags within <head> are still not showing any page URL at all

<meta property="og:url" content="">
<link rel="canonical" href="">

Hi @alexshel could you please try to update the Sitejet version on your server? Please let us know which version you are using after the update.

Hi @Martin. my host did not reply explicitly if they’ve installed the recent Sitejet update. I assume they did. They replied with a cpanel version 120.0.5 (this is also visible to me in cpanel interface, but I can’t see any sitejet version)

Could you tell where I can find the Sitejet version myself (in server files or within cpanel setjet app) ?

My host passed our cpanel’s case response to me saying that the issue I described above is related to the DUCK-10480 case with cpanel/setejet developers.

btw every publishing process starts with this error messages :

[2024-05-12 10:24:06 +1000] info [uapi] [1 s] Download sitemap xml:
[2024-05-12 10:24:07 +1000] info [uapi] [2 s] fetchUrlsFromSitemap etag mismatch found. current etag : 21a3f188377eba1a8d555bf45ce0b15b expected_etag : 5d75972374cab50b6dd24103921d10a2 
[2024-05-12 10:24:12 +1000] info [uapi] [7 s] Download sitemap xml:

followed by this one

[2024-05-12 10:24:13 +1000] info [uapi] [8 s] Prepare request for
[2024-05-12 10:24:14 +1000] info [uapi] [9 s] URI: '', 200
[2024-05-12 10:24:14 +1000] info [uapi] [9 s] etag mismatch found.  uri : current etag: 21a3f188377eba1a8d555bf45ce0b15b  expected etag : 5d75972374cab50b6dd24103921d10a2

Hi @alexshel, it is good that your host reached out to cPanel and that there is a ticket for this issue, so I guess it will be fixed soon. Please ask your host to notify you, when DUCK-10480 is released. This should fix your issue.

Hi @Martin , are you able to get someone knowledgeable to look at cpanel ticket 95259393. It is highly likely that the issue is related to the site’s “spa-template” template xml file (containing collections data, e.g. paths to collection items’ images, titles etc.), however cpanel 3rd level (!!!) support agent who is not familiar with sitejet, is suggesting to edit the published xml files manually !!! This is ridiculous and unacceptable. Non-qualified person is giving us recommendation in the area he is not competent at all.
See link to the recent publishing log file attached.

Hi @alexshel, thanks for getting back. I will get in touch with them.

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Hi @Martin , the conversation on the mentioned issue has moved to ticket 95259202.

95259393 was incorrectly closed and never resolved. That wasn’t a one-off issue or a user error.

Hey @alexshel - quick one: Were you able to update to the newest Sitejet version yet? Which version do you have? Did you find out where you can see that?

I will forward your responses internally.

Hi @Andre , this is a Sitejet builder. Sitejet builder is part of cpanel. It receives updates as part of regular cpanel updates. The current cpanel version that we use is 120.0.5

I don’t think that my host is able to install individual cpanel module (sitejet builder) updates on customer request on a shared web server. But I can ask, if such update is available.

We don’t know what Sitejet builder version it is and where to look for it. Cpanel team might know, but I am not very confident about that.

Hey Alex, please try this:

For RHEL do
rpm -qa | grep cpanel-sitejet-plugin
For DEB do
dpkg --status cpanel-sitejet-plugin | grep Version

Hey @alexshel

The fix for this is live. cPanel just released it now. You will receive it on your next update. Release version is


Thanks @Andre , unfortunately I don’t have access to any of these. Not sure what is used on my shared hosting.

With the fix this should not matter anymore :slight_smile: