Change button to text to capital without editing global theme settings

Hi there,

I want to capitalise an ‘i’ on button but I have global theme settings for buttons set to all lower case ‘aa’. Is this possible to change without editing these global settings?


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I don’t see an option in the UI itself, but you can create a class and attach it to the button.

    text-transform: capitalize;

Hello everyone!

Interesting topic! Styling text areas is certainly an essential task.
Can you explain to me (little CSS experience) how the solution shown above is handled practically? Where can I define the class and how?

Hi! Sure!

  1. You need to create a class in the CSS panel
  2. .text-capitalize{ text-transform: capitalize; }
  3. To attach a the existing class on the Button element … double click on the button to enter the edit mode and then in the left properties panel Style → ID&Class → Button (tab) … input the class name “text-capitalize” + press [+]
  4. The “text-capitalize” is attached … you should see the result on the page
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