Button in header menu colour

How can I edit the buttons background / active background in the menu header as I have changed the global theme settings but this has not updated the button in the header.


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AFAIK, the buttons in the menu are not considered “buttons” by SJ - since they don’t have the classes that buttons generate with.

Those settings are in the Preset settings for the Header you’re using, I believe.

Perhaps I’m wrong and misunderstanding your issue though…apologies if so!


Hey @Ryan_Crosbie

You are able to change the menu items in the preset settings. Below you see the extended version of the new menu.

+1 for @zachary here :wink:


Hi Andre, how do I change the colour of the active hover text within the menu button?

Hey @Ryan_Crosbie - if this is a menu item (like in your case) this should be possible in the style panel