Captcha (is it from Google)?

Hi there, this might be a silly question but I am not sure about this and want to support best service for my clients.

I try erecht24 for data privacy declaration (instead of the Sitejet element).
And I need to know if the (Sitejet) captcha I inserted in a contact form is from Google.
Or is it a Sitejet functionality that has nothing to do with Google?

Thanks for your support.

@Barbara_Bichler as far as I know, CAPTCHA can be implemented by everyone in their system. reCAPTCHA is from Google and a bit different.

Here you can find a definition what CAPTCHA is (don’t get confused by the google link)

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Hi! From what I’ve seen Sitejet captcha used on forms has nothing to do with Google.
Sitejet uses its own CAPTCHA system.

Hope this helps!