Presentation mode - online access for client


I have tested it but it seems not possible to use the presentation mode link as a link that could be sent to the client, it seems to be in direct relation with the builder. It is very sad because that presentation mode is really cool, it is a plus for the client, it looks so professional.
The section “Share presentation link” give the link of the site and not the link of the presentation mode with the three devices (desktop, tablet and mobile I mean). Is it a bug or did i miss something?

Is there a way to use this link for client?




Hi @isabelle_calmont

Thanks for your feedback. Actually, that is not a bug. The presentation mode is more for internal use and for the personal briefing with your client. Only the presentation link and the feedback tool link are meant for the clients.

However, I will move this into the feature request section and bring this into discussion on our next product meeting, if that is okay for you.



It’s perfect.



To clarify, the client must login to their portal for that link to work, right?

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They should :slight_smile:

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