Order and categorize pages in backend

I have a website with m a n y pages. Some are “normal” pages (about, services etc.), some are landing or funnel pages (offer, thank you, download page), some are result pages for my future quiz.
I would really appreciate the feature to build an order structure for my pages so that it looks clearly arranged and gains better overview.
Or is there already an option to do so which I do not know?

Hey @Barbara_Bichler would you like to organize your websites in the Project Manager or organize and “tag” your subpages? Not really sure if I understood your request correctly. :slight_smile:

No. I mean the pages on one website. For example here in this screenshot.
I have 44 pages. As I said already, some are normal pages, some are pages which I need for my freebie funnel and some are quiz result pages (for the brand personality quiz I develop at the moment).
It would be perfect to create some kind of “page tree” for each type.

@Barbara_Bichler you could e.g. create those result pages as subpages from the quiz page, so they are more organized.