Nested Collection

Collection gives dynamic-ness to sitejet websites.

However, currently, sitejet only allows 1 layer of collection usage.

An example is at: Collections - Sitejet Help

However, if anyone tries to add another collection (existing) using the CMS fields, sitejet will show it when you design the page. But Sitejet will not populate the page.

This will lead to creating multiple static pages as overview pages. This leads to repeat-one-self. This leads more works.

In particular, many people are jumping ships from WordPress to Sitejet. And many have a lot of pages on their WordPress site. Creating an overview page statically will slow the transition.

One example, authors have multiple books, this many-to-many relationship if using dynamic nested collection. This is the easiest way to add more dynamicness to sitejet.

At least 2 or 3 layers of nested collection would be wonderful.

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I second this notion. its really a matter of making the changeover as easy as possible for people who are thinking about switching over to sitejet. at least thats how I see it. so making all importing easy makes it easy for new people as well as onboarding new customers for the agency users. Dont get me wrong, the CMS/CRM integration is alreay 10x better than anything else on the market. but that doesnt mean we should stop pushing for an even better experience.

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Please vote for this here: Relationships between Collections

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