Named Entity Expected, Got None

Hi, I am facing this error “named entity expected, got none” when I try to use the HTML element in the website and the HTML code is consist of Javascript code as well. Actually, I want to implement my existing ecwid store into the sitejet website and I am using the approach of code inspection. I hope you got what actually I want to ask, furthermore you may ask me about more details, I urgently need to implement so please if somebody knows then please guide me a bundle of thanks would be. Thanks


  1. Traditionally, in HTML, & symbol was not allowed inside a link or src. I think the inside editor is picking up this.
    You can simply replace the & symbol with the appropriate symbol entity name or number, for instance the name is & See other html entities here.
    However, in HTML5 the & symbol is now allowed so your code should work just fine.
  2. The JS script from within the HTML Element will not run in the Editor (even Editor → Preview mode). Preview/View the page from the Frontend (Live/Preview).
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Thank you for your guidance, my store code is working after replacing the & with &amp.