Mobile Header too broad / Desktop Menu band too broad

Dear Team,
a question concerning the mobile header - right now it is too big (see pic5)

pic 5 of the mobile version

Mobile it would be enough to have a thin header with the menu lines, the telefone and the logo

same goes for the desktop version pic 6

??Q: How do I change the width of the desktop view side-header and how do I change the breadth (longitude) of the mobile header section.

Thanks :slight_smile: cheers,


Hi @Matej_Dzido,

you can simply hide the other elements for the mobile view, like you already did with the social media icons. I guess this will achieve what you want. The width of the desktop side-header can you change in the preset > container > size > width settings.


Hi Martin,
thanks for the tip. Managed somehow partly…
Could you help here please again: although the mobile version shows how I would like it to show, when I open it on my iphone it looks completely different…
Sitejet UI

My phone

Thanks Clara

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