Harpenden Design

Introducing v2 of my web design site built using SiteJet. It’s still in progress so welcome any and all feedback!

We’re currently building for clients and welcoming more as we type…


Hi Luke, looks nice: clear message and both layout and content are in line with waht you try to tell. Great job, I like the clarity and layout!
:+1: :+1:
kind regards

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Thanks Mark.

+1 from what @Mark_Fosseprez says! :smiley: Nice one! I really like the animations!

On the /home (desktop) - is there sth missing at the bottom? Otherwise, I would maybe align the content more to the middle?

On /how-it-works I found this element is more to the right:

Thanks for the kind words Andre. I’ve made those tweaks :slight_smile:


Looks great… I would say that on your 975 Breakpoint. Your hero image changes making the hero text hard to read.

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Then it goes right back at 575

So, between those two breakpoints… You may want to change that Hero Image.

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Thanks, wonder if that’s glitch as I haven’t set that as the background image specifically at different break points, it should be the same background image as the main desktop size – but even when trying to overwrite it that those lower break points it seems to default to that old image. Very odd

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