Form Submission + GSheet Data Insertion + Automatic Emailing a Copy

Hi guys!

I have a request from a client that I am not too sure how to go about.

Client wants their leads to fill out a “Financial Calculator Request Form”. This form would take in basic client metadata, along with a few fields for financials (i.e. mortage, APR, etc). Then, that form would automatically fill out a few fields in a new copy of the boilerplate, blank GSheet of this financial calculator. Then, that “prefilled” copy would be automatically then emailed to the client (from their email field in the form originally) so the client could get the “Financial Calculator” with the fields already filled out from the form, so they can get started “calculating” easier.

Their requested flow:

  1. User fills out a basic form with a few financial data pieces
  2. Submits form
  3. [Automation?] That form data is injected to a copy of a “Boilerplate” Google Sheet
  4. [Automation?] That copy of the GSheet is then emailed as an .xlsx file to the client, from the “Email” field in the original form

I have no idea how to go about automating this. I imagine it stars with a Webhook from the form, but I’m not sure of the environment to develop the rest.

If anyone has any ideas, that would be amazing!! Thank you!

Hi! I guess there is not direct answer to this, just some ideas.


  1. For Google Sheets, you can use Google Apps Script Web Apps  |  Apps Script  |  Google Developers … where you can create a script (and pass some url params) … I haven’t done it … so I don’t know to much

  2. Instead of generating a new Google Sheet you just send a PDF converted from a HTML page

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Thank you so much for helping me look in the right direction @Lucian_Dinu !

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Lol just had to post back @Lucian_Dinu

We shared the possible steps after more discovery with our client - they freaked out at the cost and workload and said “nevermind”.

Of course XD