Elfsight Widget Editor Won't Open

Trying to add a widget to my website but I am experiencing some issues with the Elfsite widget editor.

When I select the option to Open Widget Editor, nothing happens, although I do notice a small red message flick up at the bottom of the page I’m editing but it vanishes way to quick to see.

I’m not sure whats wrong, why it wont work or how to fix.

Can anyone assist?

Hey @Bluediamondtransfers - thank you for reporting this.

Could you let us know the website ID and the location of the container? I would like to check that on your website.

How did you add the container and did the overlay open? Which widget did you choose?

I’m not sure where to obtain the site ID?

I’ll include as much info as possible for you.

I think the site ID is: 513245

Web Address: www.bluediamondtransfers.com.au

I am trying to add the Google Review widget but the issue occurs trying to add ANY widget.

I try to add it to any container. All containers were added just using the insert option.

Hey there. Yes, that website ID is correct. I tried to reproduce this issue and was successful. Tested it with another website, where I had no issue. This seems to be a specific bug on your website.

I have forwarded this to the developers and keep you updated, when I know more :slight_smile:

Hello everyone, I have exactly the same problem, my ID is 683415 and my website is casablancaecuador.com Could you help me solve it, please? Thank you very much.

Hey there,

which version of Sitejet are you using? Studio or with cPanel or Plesk? Is there any error message you have displayed?

I am using the cPanel version. There is no error message, it’s just that the elfsight widget button does not perform any action. Thank you very much for your help.

Let me check on this with a developer.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Would you be able to check this with another browser and also without an ad blocker, please?