Dedicated <head> script area

Hi! Currently, we can add 3rd party scripts in the HTML <head> area from: Website settings → SEO / Meta → Meta tags.

The problem is that these added scrips <script> are executed inside the editor and this can have unwanted results (usually resulting in breaking the entire layout/editor).

We need a dedicated area for <head> scripts that are executed only outside the editor (Open preview website → similar how the embedded scripts <script> work in the HTML Element).


Agree Lucian, I have for example the problem that I use a third part Cookie consent manager and once I add their script in ht e Meta tags, I consequently am getting the cookie consent pop-up each time I ope a page in the editor, which doesn’t make sense of course…


Thank you @Lucian_Dinu for this suggestion.

I have created a feature request ticket for it.

For everyone who wants to support this feature, please comment here with a +1 and let us know if you also have some ideas regarding this topic.


I would add the possibility to define head scripts per page. For example, I want to run a script only for a particular page, or I need to define a schema (SEO structured data) for each article (even though it is possible to add it in the body).

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Love this idea but if I can add my 2 cents for implementation. Add a head AND ‘body end’ field, as many scripts can actually be loaded within the body at the end and don’t need to be in the head area. This helps with page load times and SEO.