Import Icon of choice

I want to use the icon of my choice but I am unable to find how can I import the icon.


Hey @Ahsan_Iqbal - we do have huge Icon-Sets already connected within Sitejet. However, if you like to use a special icon set from your own collection, please add it via the media manager to use in Sitejet.

Yes, there are multiple icons with different variety but my clients asked me to use the icons provided by him. Yes if I upload the icon on media manager but unfortunately I couldn’t import it for icon element while I can use the unloaded icon into an image element. I hope you got what I am asking. if there is another solution then let me know. Thanks

If I understood you correctly, you were able to upload the icon to the media manager? Did you already add it to your website? Does it work properly?

No, I’m not able to upload the icons of my choice, could you please help me in little brief. Thanks


  1. If you just need a couple of them. You can add your icons as SVGs using the SVG Element.
  2. Currently, it is not possible to add an iconset. There is a feature request for this.
    You can add your +1 there Manage icon sets