How do I round the corners of this arrow and remove the background shadow please?

Does anyone know how I can round this arrow and remove background shadow using CSS?


Hi! I think you forgot to attach a screenshot.

Apologies, please see revised attachment!

Hi! I don’t see the arrow from your screenshot.
I see that you have a Container selected.
You can configure the shadow property of the Container from Style → Shadow (group)

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I’m not seeing an arrow… @Ryan_Crosbie did @Lucian_Dinu help ya out?

Apologies - this arrow here

Also the shadow is within the scroll indicator and I have set shadow to ‘none’ but it still appears?

Ah thanks!

That icon itself is a font-awsome icon I think - if you open up the HTML, I believe you can replace it with any SVG HTML code of your choice - then open up the CSS of that preset, and adjust the “span” code to also include “svg” so that the “arrow” animation keyframes is applied.

Or, you could just add an SVG element to the canvas, link it to the element below, and then add a simple animation in CSS (you can copy/paste the keyframes from the Scroll Down Preset)

here’s a rounded arrow if you like:

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Thanks so much! Very useful.

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