Automatically update the year in the footer

I would like an update to the date next to the copyright notice to be made automatically each year. For those who have large websites, or those managing many sites this would be a great time saver if it was available from within SiteJet, rather than using custom code.


After hearing from SiteJet Support, I now know this is easily achieved by using ‘References’:

Thanks for a huge time saver!

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I vote for this

I am also voting for this feature

You can do this automatically using html script on wordpress. It may also work on Sitejet.

You may need to add HTML P tag around this to make it work.


Thanks for your suggestion! The problem I have is that I couldn’t confirm the script dies works in SiteJet until the new year. This is why I would rather SiteJet agree a particular script works and integrate it within their system footer as an option.

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Moved this into the “How-To” section. :raised_hands: