Sharing elements/Presets between sites is needed

The one thing I would need to leave WordPress completely would be the ability to share a page/element/Preset I create between sites.

When working in Wordpress with Elementor, OptimizePress etc, etc. I’ll often create something on 1 website, and then want to use it on multiple others. This is doable with Most “Pagebuilders”, and is needed on SiteJet.

Hopefully this is addressed in the near future!
Loving SiteJet!


Hi @Jamie_Charles,

this is a good feature request suggestion! I created a feature request ticket, and we will push this into our next product meetings. Because we are also thinking that this is nice, and it will save a lot of time.

Hello @Jamie_Charles

just to not be misunderstood: You can already copy elements, even whole container structures, between websites. Just select the container you want to copy, press [Ctrl]+[C] (or right-click → Copy), open another website and press [Ctrl]+[V] (or right-click → Paste). You can even keep two different websites open in two tabs and copy elements between them.

If you want to copy all elements of a page, you can select all elements by pressing [Ctrl]+[A] and then copy with [Ctrl]+[V].

The only thing that cannot be copied are pages.

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