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Just a note to say that a native solution in SiteJet will be very nice since Elfsight is a paid solution. I already know that all my clients will want a Instagram feed but paying for that will be a no-no.

What do you think of a native solution for creating widgets like that? It is a big plus for our clients. The free plan with Elfsight let appear the branding of Elfsight. Nobody wants that on his professional site. Please think about it. Now that kind of widget on a site is extremely capital, for boosting revenue I mean not only because it is nice.

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Our agency just built the price of those integrations into the build pricing so all of our clients have the option to use the widgets if they like! Made it easier for everyone all around.


Thanks Zachary for your reply. I am proposing pack prices. Once it is paid, it is done.
I am curious. Do you want to share with me the way youcharge your client? It is on a monthly basis? Annual?

Thanks again it is very pleasant having advices from other webdesigners. It seems that I will be a lot here☺️

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Of course!

We charge 50% up front, 50% at end of project on initial build, and for all other “project” builds. (We do digital marketing as whole)

Support/Maintence fees depend on the scope of the website, but are around $100-$1000 per month ($100 for small sites, $1000 for Ecommerce and larger ones with integrations)

Example: we realized a lot of our clients want a video background. Instead of charging them to just find a stock video, we just added $200 to each project (internally) so that we can tell the clients "they have access to a 4k stock video if they want)


Ok. Thanks a lot. I will charge 30% before and 70% after…maybe will change it if clients are not serious.

Since I wanted to work with wordpress, I have to confess, before sitejet I prefered to just make pack price (with 3 weeks of support) and once it is done it is finished. I had prepared guides and videos for helping my clients. But Sitejet make me reconsider the way that I will charge clients since it is less time consuming to manage sites now. Your reply is very precious for me. Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate it.

Ps: please excuse my english, I am french.