Feature Request Posting Guidelines

The place for your ideas and wishes to improve Sitejet. Share your feature requests that you like us to implement for you.

We have subdivided this category for a better overview.

Posts in this category should be specifically about desired features that would improve your experience with Sitejet. Before you post a request, please use the search function and check if there might be a request or maybe even a slightly similar request already.

While you can format and submit your feature request any way you’d like, we encourage users to be detailed and to state your case for “why” the feature you’re requesting should be added.

Please do not make demands and be respectful to other requests and suggestions. Additionally, please be aware that just because a feature is highly requested does not mean that it will be implemented asap or at all. However, we will give our best to improve Sitejet every day with your help and your guidance.

Really looking forward to your submissions!

I love that you are establishing a boundary with clients to be respectful, as well as a reminder of the time and scale behind implementing a feature request, already on top of the continual development of SiteJet! Real people work behind these avatars, but that’s what makes SiteJet amazing - the people behind it.

Can’t wait to learn from the other users - this community was an amazing idea.