[CW 43.21] New customer portal features and navigate settings

:large_blue_diamond: Hey Sitejetters,

Hope you had a great week so far. It’s midweek and just a few days left until Halloween or … well… just the end of the week. So, to keep you going through the week, we got a small update for you.

  • TikTok Icon
    :calling: We added the TikTok Icon to our icon library as per request by many of our users. Yes we are planning for a full upgrade and update of the icons - just await the end of the beta-phase here. :raised_hands:
    Who got the most followers from you all there? :innocent:

  • New customer portal features
    We also added some new customer portal features. You might have seen them already. We welcome “Domains”, “Support” and “Announcements” in the portal.

    When your client logs into their customer portal, they are now able to work with domains, send you requests via “service” quite easily. Via the “announcement” your clients are now able to easily create overlays to inform their visitors. This is available in the status “change”, “done” and “redesign”.

  • Navigate Setting (not affiliated to Pirates of the Caribbean or any navy stuff) :parrot:
    :anchor: This probably does not help you with being a pirate or ship around the world, but at least it might make your work with Sitejet more easy. We introduced a new navigation setting to our slider-elements, which we are explaining here for you in full.

  • Collection Improvement
    :open_book: Yep, a small improvement for your collection feature should always be part of a nice release. The collection URL filter now also works with hyphens. Just in case you like to know :grin:

That’s it for now, folks. And just in case you are not a Halloween or Horror-Movie fan - go watch Ted Lasso. Gives you good vibes. Even if you are still missing your favorite feature request in this release.