[CW 39.21] New templates and preset updates!

:large_blue_diamond: Hey Sitejetters,

We thought we just add a few things to our last update from … ehm… Monday. :yum:

We looked through a lot of your feedback to our existing templates and what you like to see in the future. Thank you all so much for the contribution so far. Out of this come the following three new templates for you:

Check them out and feel free to give us some feedback! Please also head over to the template request section and feel free to add your wishes for upcoming templates.

… aaaaaand we got a small update on some presets to round up this update for you! :point_down:

Have a great day! :pray:


I’m sorry, I won’t be very kind on those but you definitely need a real designer. This is the type of template I could do.
But definitely not modern and « design » templates.
Please take a look at brizy’s template, or stackable, or blocksy’s template.
Have a look at dribble to see what is the actual trend in webdesign.
That is not this. But once again, tastes and colors …
That’s only my 2 cents…


Agree with Jean,

Thanks, Guys to make those, but I also would love to see real quality templates. You know where to find them. The best would be to have a marketplace where we could upload our premium SJ templates and sell them (and for free some basic one) and SJ would get some % for doing the quality check and providing the marketplace. Trust me the community would solve the template problem very fast:) WIN - WIN - WIN


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Please refrain from non-constructive critique and feedback. Please read our guidelines about this community. Happy to assist you in the future about this topic.


Hi @Andre & SJ Team! I think these are great as a starting point.

From what I see in general, these days, people’s expectations related to templates … are more of a ready to use website, where they change only the content: images/text.


Dear SJ Team @André,
although I am new to this business and presently only starting-up a web agency, I am convinced you should thoroughly study Imre’s proposal as I think it will be key to ascertain short term growth for the Sitejet community and hence Sitejet itself (and later on for all of us, using Sitejet).
Although this industry, like most nowadays, is very competitive, it also has a very collaborative nature, much more than I have seen in other industries. And so this ‘collaborative’ idea might work very well in practice.
If I understood correctly, Sitejet was developed in the first place as the inhouse tool for Wesitebutler, which targets the same client segment as most us, i.e. self-employed and SME’s. As you have understood very well (and which was the main reason I went for Sitejet): these clients want better websites than they have today, but don’t have big budgets to spend. So efficiency in design and development of solutions offered to these clients is key. It is also a focus point of Sitejet team, I understood. But next to the technology and working method that Sitejet offers and which makes the development work a lot more efficient than before, we can also address the efficiency of the design part of our work. And there, Imre’s proposal seems to me to be the way to go. It offers benefits to all parties concerned! I would very much appreciate to have Sitejet team’s point of view . To my belief: our real competition is the other platforms (webflow’s and so on) that try to offer partly competitive services. We need a big audience to survive in the long run…
(I know you have a lot on your plate, but this proposal might make you take a giant leap forward, with relatively little investment form Sitejet’s part),
Thanks for you reply,


100% with you there.

@Andre why you deleted my comment, what was wrong in it … did i say something wrong or very much truth?

Yes, that was not a constructive critique to the topic.
Please read our guidelines and refrain from non-constructive feedback.

Thank you for your understanding.

Dear Sitejet Helpdesk, any chance of getting some comments from your side on Imre’s ‘marketplace idea’?
kind regards


Sure @Mark_Fosseprez - I thought we had answered that in another thread already. No worries :slight_smile:

So, that is indeed a great idea - that we fully support and have on our wishlist for a long time now. Even our personal ones. :innocent: That is why we started with the collaboration category first. To get you all connected in the first place.

We have a great Roadmap for 2022 so far (more on this soon!) - but the “marketplace” is not part of the first quarter. :pray:

Thanks for the reply André, looking forward to more news…


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Sorry to say but these new templates are too colourful, too many images and NO whitespace at all.
I do not show any of my clients the template gallery (because I don’t like most of the designs) but use it for myself as a starting point - in the technical point of view. Meaning I check out which template comes with functionality I need and then make it all over.
I would appreciate to have beautiful templates to use also as a starting point design wise.

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Thank you for your feedback.

Actually, PESK has a lot of “whitespace” :wink: However, these are templates that give you an idea and structure for a certain type of website and theme.

The colors, the structure etc. can be simply adjusted to your need. As you mentioned, they are a starting point :slight_smile:

I used PESK and did a completely different website out of it but kept most of the small details and some styles😇

Yes, that’s right.
But wouldn’t it be nice to have beautiful and out of the box perfectly designed templates?
To show clients for some inspiration and starting point.
I do not use the template gallery that way at the moment and feel the need to create my own templates in the future.

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Do you have any examples of templates you would like to see which are “beautiful”? I have used a few of these templates with great results for my clients.

Beauty is often subjective to one’s perception, so providing examples would be beneficial because it can give the team an idea of what you would like to see.


I have already answered this in another thread and mentioned some examples of websites that look more female.

Many of the Sitejet templates are a bit old fashioned in the meantime. Please just compare it with templates of your competitors (the 3 lettered one fir example) :wink:

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Surely! But templates coming from us do have a different approach than templates coming for you as the designer.

It is simply impossible to create the out of the box beautiful template for everybody. But I can assure you that we are working on new templates with some great contributors :slight_smile:

@Andre one advise here, keep coming beautiful templates but i prefer you guys to build blocks / sections to easily use / reuse and modify like other builders, that will be a good and easy way, what do you think?

Hi Andre,
so the Sitejet template approach is more a technically based, right?