[CW 20.21] New language preset

:large_blue_diamond: Hey Sitejetters,

Hope you all feeling well in the new community so far. We got another preset for you all.

Please welcome the new “language preset:partying_face:

Head over to your CMS, click on add preset → features → languages … there you go! The new presets features a whole lot of new options just as the displayed language style (flag, text, intl. short name), extended style and container options. This will of course only be able when multilanguage is enabled!

Try it out and maybe renew your existing setup on your live website!

Let us know what you think! :handshake:

:large_blue_diamond: Any ideas or requests you like to see in Sitejet? Head over to the feature request area :running_man: :running_woman:

:large_blue_diamond: By the way, if you like to see new languages for example within Sitejets customer portal or password-protection-page you are invited to email us and help us with the translation.