[CW 05.22] We redesigned the website editor!

Hi Sitejetter,

we hope you are doing great! Did you already see our latest update? :eyes:

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes redesigning the website editor!

This new and intuitive design will make it easier and faster to create stunning websites. We want to reduce unnecessary clicks and long processes to save you time for the work you or the web designers in your agency love to do: being creative! Aaaand we also think it looks pretty incredible. :star_struck:

So, as you know, this was before:

And here is the latest version:

A few of the changes:

  • The top menu is cleaner and gives faster access to the most important features
  • The burger menu on the top left includes everything to manage your website
  • The right part of the top menu will help you to manage the content of your website, e.g. the design, pages and to-dos
  • The new sidebar on the left gives quick access to elements and presets. This sidebar also has an awesome category called “Favorites”. Here you can use the little star icon on the elements and presets to keep your favorite components up top.
  • The footer is larger and easier to read and includes the session timer and code editor from now on

Those are just the improvements you can see, but all the new and some old parts of the editor were completely rebuilt under the hood. :mechanical_arm:

And this is only the beginning - we have more usability updates to come! So we suggest keeping an eye open for more changes :eye:

We would love to hear your feedback on the new interface, so please feel free to add your comment here, send us a message to help@sitejet.io, or use the in-app feedback questionnaire.

Thanks and have a great day!
The Sitejet Team


Hi Franzi,

nice surprise when opening the editor this morning :smiley: At first sight looks much nicer indeed. Will give you feedback when I have used it for some hours.
kind regards


Can not wait to test it out… WAY TO GO!!



great job team it’s just beautiful and easier for our customers too!

thanks for the work


Great update and love the new interface. Especially the preset/element/favourites bar on the left. Thanks Guys!


Looks good. Like it on first sight.
How do I exit the CMS? Just go to Website Manager?


Thank you guys so much for the feedback! We are really happy that you like it :blush: :pray: :raised_hands:

@Barbara_Bichler Yes, you can use the “Website Manager” button that you can find under the burger menu in the top left corner to leave the CMS. Or: since the CMS opens in a new tab, you could also just close the tab, if you like.

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Good one guys, nice and clean UI and a joy to work with BUT in burger menu “Help” links is opening popup with links to Sitejet before it was email address we set in white label, this must be removed or option to remove from there … also it’s still showing SJ favicon in CMS which is not right, when you guys gonna fix this?


Hey @mughal, thanks for your feedback - we appreciate it.

We are working on both the help links and the favicon in the CMS. I will let you know once that’s fixed :slight_smile:


Thanks @Franzi:star_struck:

@Franzi any update on this, i can’t provide my client’s access just because of this issue, please advise.

Hey @mughal, I don’t have an update yet, but I will get back to you as soon as it’s done :slight_smile: