Bug uploading images. Am I doing something wrong?

Im coming back to Sitejet to test the tool. For my surprise, I can’t simply upload an image. I am concerned that there are bugs in something as simple as uploading an image. Here is a video:

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It also happens to me, as does when I update the CSS. I think there’ll be a problem with the server. I hope they’ll fix it soon.

We are having this same issue on a few of our sites.

I also cannot upload any files. Video or photo. It acts like it is doing it with the yellow progress bar around the upload box, then just disappears and nothing is uploaded.

Same issue here. Not able to upload files. CMS not working properly

Hi everyone,

we are very sorry for the inconvenience! We are working on solving this issue. Thanks for sharing!

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Hello again!

This issue should be resolved now. Please reach out, if you are still facing any issues after reloading the CMS.

Again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience!

Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend! :slight_smile:


Thanks for fixing so quickly!