[Beta] Elfsight Widgets in Sitejet

Hi Sitejetters,

we have a nice beta test for you currently. It is now possible to implement Elfsight-Widgets via Drag & Drop into your website. This might give your website a whole new level of content.

All you need to do is activate the Elfsight widgets within the CMS and test it out.

We would love to get your valuable feedback on bug reporting on this.



Thanks Andre + Team!

If we already have an Elfsight account, will our SJ account now automatically come with an Elfsight integration? Can we close our other account?

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Hey @zachary ,

You are welcome :slight_smile: You will still need an Elfsight account for the integration. Try it out - SJ will notify you about this :innocent:

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Can you explain where this is in the CMS? Is it a preset or an element?

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Hey @David_Harris - welcome! :slight_smile:

First, you have to activate Elfsight in the CMS-Settings:


Afterwards, you are able to add the widgets via add contentextensions

You will be redirected to Elfsight. However, to use the widgets you need an additional account with them. Hope this helps?


Thanks a lot. That is an awesome integration and I can’t wait to try it.


Cheers! Please let us know your feedback! :heart:

The all-in-one reviews widget does not seem to work. The throbber goes round for a few second then disappears.

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What’s a Throbber?

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Maybe it’s an old term :blush: Also known as the “loading icon”.

Throbber - Wikipedia


Hey @Charlie_Moss - would you be able to send us a screencast and the website ID via help@sitejet.io. I am unable to reproduce this. Could be a specific issue.

Thank you. :raised_hands:

I have replied by email as requested with screencast.

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